Sunday, December 23, 2007

BI Master - Good or Bad Decision?!

Dear Friends,
I finished my first trimester of lessons… I still have one year more... and maybe you are curious to know if was a good or bad decision... and I sincerely say you that yes... it was the best decision I made in the last times. I feel that it was a good decision because I love business intelligence (as a set of small parts) and I found excellent colleagues and excellent teachers.

I am curious to know if the quality of the teachers will be the same in the next trimesters, but I will keep you informed! :-)

As I told you before, in this first trimester I had three classes:

1. Decision Suport Systems
2. Data Warehouse Projects
3. Data Analysis (Statistics)

Sincerely I like the three classes but my main preference goes to the first two! Data analysis I think is not difficult but you need to spend some time to study hard… in contrast, the other two classes you also need to study hard but in my case, is a way to improve my current daily job at my company as BI developer. So, I’m very motivated!

BI Master - DSS Management tasks vs levels

Dear Friends,
I’m here today to update an old post about management tasks and levels. And I’m doing that, because at this moment I have a better perspective of what is Business Intelligence and what is the relation with management different tasks on different levels inside a company.
So, Plan and Control are very important but doesn’t make sense without other tasks like Leadership, Organize and Act.

A plan is a process that helps to decide! To decide what it must be done, for who and when it must be done. To plan we have to determine well the objectives that must be realistic, measurable and complete. Having the objectives well tracings, the planning goes to guide us into the final objective, exceeding intermediate obstacles, making to expend us little time, energy and resources to reach the same final.

A great DSS has to be 100% under the control of the manager who is the main responsible for taking a decision, he is the decision maker, and the same time he’s the lead and he must put all the plans in action.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

BI Master - News

Dear Friends,
It has much time that I did not write in my blog… sorry for that, but last weeks was terrible for me with lot of work not only in my current job but also with my fantastic master BI degree.
I have a lot of things to write and to share with you… after next Thursday I will be more available to write here and to share you with some interesting subjects.
Kind regards!


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