Thursday, May 13, 2010

BI Conference - European TDWI Conference

Today I want to advise you for a big and very interesting conference that will take place at Germany between 14th and 16th June... The 10th European TDWI conference! This conference will provide both business and technology professionals significant opportunities to learn and understand best practices across a wide variety of BI topics.

I can assure you that the conference will be very interesting as well as the country itself that is fantastic! I was there last November 2009 to take the CBIP exams and it
was amazing. If you are near Germany or even in Europe don’t waste this opportunity. I hope someday organize CBIP/TDWI exams here in Portugal for all the BI Portuguese professionals interested on this certification. Regards, Pedro.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

BI Tools - SQL 2008 R2 Digital Tour

My teacher Maria Jose Trigueiros is not physical present any more, but she’s always present in my mind. I’m sure that she’s watching what the persons that has the luck to has her as teacher and as a friend will be doing. She shared amazing words, enthusiasm and experiences with me that changed my life. Because I know that she wishes that I continue blogging... I’ll do it, and even with more power!

SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM is now available for download!
I already installed in a new virtual machine in order to preparing some posts about it. In Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, several components have new or improved features. I highlight the following new improvements:

PowerPivot for SharePoint
PowerPivot for SharePoint adds shared services and infrastructure for loading, querying, and managing PowerPivot workbooks that you publish to a SharePoint 2010 server or farm. To create PowerPivot workbooks, you use PowerPivot for Excel.

PowerPivot for Excel
PowerPivot for Excel is an add-in to Excel 2010 that can be downloaded from the web and installed on client workstations. You use PowerPivot for Excel to assemble and create relationships in large amounts of data from different sources, and then use that data as the basis for PivotTables and other data visualization objects that support data analysis in Excel

Reporting Services improvements
Reports can now include maps, sparklines, data bars, and indicators to depict data. Report parts enable collaboration through shared datasets, report items, and data regions that are centrally stored and managed. Dataset query results can be cached on first use or by schedule. SharePoint integration supports multiple SharePoint Zones, SharePoint Universal Logging, and local mode report viewing with Access Services and SharePoint lists. SharePoint lists, SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse, and SQL Azure Database can be used as data sources for reports

Take a look at additional news here
Take a tour on this new version of SQL through SQL 2008 R2 Digital Tour:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Até breve professora!

I write this post in memory of the most important person for me in the Academic world. Unfortunately she left us yesterday, but I’ll never forget her. She’s an amazing person and all I have achieved in last 3 years is dedicated to her… The life is not fare! I never forget you teacher! Never! See you soon, I know that you’ll watching what we’ll doing here!

Maria José Forjaz Pacheco Trigueiros nasceu em 1956 em Cascais. Fez os seus estudos em Roma e em Caracas onde se licenciou em Matemática (1983, Universidade Central de Venezuela). Foi assistente estagiária na Universidade Simon Bulivar entre 1984 e 1986, onde obteve o título de Mestre em Ciências da Computação. Em Setembro de 1986 ingressou no ISCTE como assistente estagiária. Doutorou-se um 1994 em Investigação Operacional pelo Instituto Politécnico de Grenoble. Exerceu uma grande variedade de cargos académicos e actividade docente. À data do falecimento era professora auxiliar de nomeação definitiva no Departamento de Ciências e Tecnologias da Informação do ISCTE.

Missa de 7º dia por alma da professora Maria José Trigueiros no próximo dia 08 de Maio (sabado) pelas 19h00. Alguém não consegue ter saudades de um anjo como este?
Eternamente presente na minha memória e no meu coração.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

BI Books - Free SQL 2008 R2 eBook

Dear friends,
A very interesting free eBook was publish and shared by Microsoft Press. If you are a Database Administrator or a BI Developer, don’t forget to take a look to this book. You have no excuses… the book is FREE. Naturally the part of the book more interesting for me is undoubtedly the Business Intelligence chapters. Check the book structure:

PART I Database Administration
CHAPTER 1 SQL 2008 R2 Editions and Enhancements
CHAPTER 2 Multi-Server Administration
CHAPTER 3 Data-Tier Applications
CHAPTER 4 High Availability and Virtualization Enhancements
CHAPTER 5 Consolidation and Monitoring

PART II Business Intelligence Development
CHAPTER 6 Scalable Data Warehousing
CHAPTER 7 Master Data Services
CHAPTER 8 Complex Event Processing with Stream Insight
CHAPTER 9 Reporting Services Enhancements
CHAPTER 10 Self-Service Analyses with Power Pivot

More details about this book
Download the free SQL 2008 R2 eBook



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