Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hotel Atlantis The Palm, Dubai Holidays

After almost two months, I finally have time to describe my holidays in Dubai and in one of the better hotels in the world, Atlantis the palm ... I was staying in this hotel before the official opening, and I must tell you that is really a dream while a little illusion. Check the video of the grand opening at the official website:
Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates and is investing heavily in tourism since it is expected that the main source of wealth, oil, runs out in about 5 years ... Everything that is done in Dubai is done to be always the best in the world ... the world's tallest building, the largest artificial island in the world, the best hotel in the world, the best instance of SKI of the world ... everything! They are building the world map in the islands where the connection to earth will be made only by boat, airplane or helicopter. And it is no coincidence ... because in this way is to boost the aviation industry and boating industry ... because as you can see below, the cars industry in Dubai is well positioned...

Visit the website of company that is responsible for all this amazing constructions, which the owner is the shake, to better understand the greatness of what is being created. Where Vision Inspires Humanity

I will not comment further because the images speak for themselves.

The Atlantis by night
The Atlantis friends

The Atlantis from room

The Atlantis Room

The Atlantis Beach

The Atlantis Oceanarium

The Atlantis swiming pool

The Dubai Burj Al Arab

The other world in Dubai - The construction workers

The Desert, the Safari and the Dinner

The Dubai Old Castle
The Dubai Cars

The Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Muslim Church

The Hotel also has Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure, Lost Chambers…
Today Tom Cruise reserved the entire Hotel for him and his friends to the new year party… uuaahh…

Happy new year!!!


the younger safynaz kazem said...

OMG tom cruise did that for new years? super awesome.

Pedro said...

yes... I read in the newspaper...
What money can do..

Anonymous said...

It's a hard life you live Pedro :P …
Happy New Year!

Pedro said...

Yes Ella... I'm not always working almost almost 16 per day! :-)
and this year maybe Miami... If I complete my dissertation!!!

I hope Israeel and palestina make an agreement for peace!


Anonymous said...

I hope so too Pedro. Maybe that way we'll all have a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

There is no better place for vacations this holiday season than the Atlantis The Palm. But its really expensive for most people.

Bruno Ferreira said...

Hi my friend Pedro!
I can see you treat yourself well.... :-)

Keep that up!!

Happy new year

Bruno -
Ireland - Dublin

Anonymous said...

Nice places bro

Dirk said...

I share the same views. Liked your blog very much.

Pedro said...

It's simple amazing!

Unknown said...

Nice places bro Desert Safari Dubai


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