Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BI Book – SSIS 2012 Integration Services Book

I've never been so long without writing on the blog. The last months have been very complicated in terms of time, but I promise that I will not be so long time without writing! The main reason for such a long absence was undoubtedly the book I'm writing since September 2011! Yes…I’m writing a book and you know it now in first hand! This book is focused on the next version of SQL Integration Services (SSIS 2012 version) and is being written with my friend Reza Rad. This book is being reviewed by SSIS world reference professionals Phil Brammer and Rafael Salas that I need to thank for all the feedback they are giving to us!

The book is almost complete and has been an incredible challenge for me! It has been an authentic miracle working in a full-time job, teaching at the weekend and still has time to investigate and write a book! I want to thank all the effort that has been made also by Reza Rad (co-author), all reviewers, and especially PacktPub publisher staff. Thanks to Joana, my girlfriend, that always supported and motivated me to take this up until the end and never give up.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services: An Expert Cookbook
Reza Rad, Pedro Perfeito

"SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a leading tool in the data warehouse industry - used for performing extraction, transformation, and load operations. This book is aligned with the most common methodology associated with SSIS known as Extract Transform and Load (ETL); ETL is responsible for the extraction of data from several sources, their cleansing, customization, and loading into a central repository normally called Data Warehouse or Data Mart.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services: An Expert Cookbook covers all the aspects of SSIS 2012 with lots of real-world scenarios to help readers understand usages of SSIS in every environment.

Written by two SQL Server MVPs who have in-depth knowledge of SSIS having worked with it for many years. This book starts by creating simple data transfer packages with wizards and illustrates how to create more complex data transfer packages, troubleshoot packages, make robust SSIS packages, and how to boost the performance of data consolidation with SSIS. It then covers data flow transformations and advanced transformations for data cleansing, fuzzy and term extraction in detail. The book then dives deep into making a dynamic package with the help of expressions and variables, and performance tuning and consideration"

Me and reza didn't wrote this book for money, but by the desire of writing about what we like to do. Help us continue to share knowledge with the comunity. The book is now in pre-order and will available soon in several places like Amazon, Lehmans and in the PacktPub Publisher Website


Amin said...

Congratulations Pedro :)
That was a real surprise, after a while.
I wish both you and Reza success, and I am sure that the book will have a very good quality.

Best regards,

Hennie de Nooijer said...

intersting. SSIS is one of my favorite tooling.

Pedro said...

Thanks a lot my friends!
I hope to see you more often!!

António Soares said...

Congratulations Pedro!!!


Pedro said...

Hello Antonio!
Good to see you here! :-) I still wait for your chapter for the OUR book...:-) Remember? Next weeks you'll receive more news! :-)

António Soares said...

Hello Pedro, I remember very well. How can I forget that? :) I’m working on it and in the next weeks you will have some good news. For a begginer this is not an easy work, but I'm enjoying a lot :)



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