Sunday, March 11, 2012

BI Conference – SQL Saturdays #115 Portugal 2012

Dear Friends,
Next Saturday I’ll present a session on SQL Saturdays Portugal! On this session I’ll show the first look to the SQL Integration Services 2012 based on my last 6 months experiences writing a book about it with my friend Reza Rad. We are currently writing the latest chapters and very excited with the updates made to this version. Some of those, are highlighted below:

Legacy and Project deployment Models
The deployment approach used in the previous version of SSIS is called Legacy Deployment Model and the new one is the Project Deployment Model. If the new approach (Project Deployment Model) is used, almost custom logging made in the legacy deployment mode (previous versions) doesn’t make more sense now. This new approach has an important new SSIS Catalog that automatically logs all package execution activity along with some built-in reports that provide a more intuitive perspective over log activity and performance

Change Data Capture (CDC) tasks and components
Change Data Capture (CDC) feature was included in SQL 2008 version and provides other possibility to detect change on data under a database. This version include a new CDC task and components to make the life easier for those persons that choose this approach to deal with changed data

SQL Server Data Tools
The old Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) does not exist anymore. Now is the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and has a very intuitive layout with new tasks and components design and is under the very interesting Visual Studio 2010 environment

Simple and important improvements
Several simple and important improvements were made. Some examples are the improvement on the variables toolbar, Undo & Redo capabilities, easier way to zoom and several other improvements

More new features
In addition to CDC task and components, I should highlight some other new features like: data flow column mapper, the expression task, package parameters, data quality services and several other very interesting features that I’ll highlight on the next weeks!

I hope to see you next Saturday on my session! More details about the conference could be shown here!
I’ll add the slide presentation soon here
Just to remember that the book I wrote with Reza is not on Pre-Order here! I hope to get feedback from you soon! :-)

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