Sunday, March 18, 2012

BI Session – First Look to SSIS 2012

The day after...
The SQL Saturdays #115 that held in Portugal yesterday at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa was in my perspective a fantastic conference. The organization provided by the Portuguese SQL user group SQL Port, was absolutely amazing! Everything worked perfectly and all the small issues raised, were faster resolved by volunteers that has a common passion like me: the SQL Serer. Speaking on the some track of persons that I follow for some years, like Alan Mitchel, Rui Quintino and Andro Moreira was a big honor to me… also, having the room complete on a Saturday at 9h30 AM was a big surprise. I just want to mention a fact that made me a little disappointed… some submitted sessions was not approved and I’m absolutely sure that the conference would be even better with the speakers like Rui Romano, Tiago Moreiras and Tiago Rente. But I understand that it’s impossible to have all speakers in action.

I've submitted two sessions about SSIS 2012, but just one session was approved by the organization. It were understandable but forced me to summarize the two sessions in only one. I was a little fast presenting my session, because my main goal was to provide the first impact to SSIS 2012 and cover the most new features and improvements to the attendees. I think almost attendees got the overall vision about this new version and I have no doubts that they will now go into deep detail on the new features and improvements they think more usefully.

I've included below my session slides presentation that I hope you enjoy and can share some feedback with me. As I already wrote on this blog, I’m finishing the book on the SSIS 2012 version and I hope you could help me to continue writing on the future about subjects I love!

A special thanks to the organizers, master BI students, friends, colleagues an all the attendees who chose my session.


Simão 'trashCan Man' Fernandes said...

Despite the early hour :D we were able to have a glimpse of how better the SSIS 2012 is that the current version. Great session. Keep going (y)

Pedro said...

ehehhe.... It was really earlier! 9h30AM... And see you there was a big surprise! Thank you for your effort on being there soo earlier! it was very motivating for me!!
Cheers my friend!!


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