Friday, September 23, 2011

BI Book - SQL Server MVP Deep Dives - Volume 2

SQL MVP Deep Dives
Dear friends,
I’m not writing for too much time... almost 2 months! Although we are on summer (usually time for vacations) I was working almost day and night! Yes… it’s true! Too many challenges and few much time to vacations or to write here some posts) One of the challenge was being a co-author of the MVP Deep Dives book (2nd Volume). The book is almost available for sell! See here more details from the chapter I wrote: “Excel as BI FrontEnd tool”.

Book Description
Individually, each SQL Server MVP possesses an impressive wealth of knowledge and skill. Collectively, the 63 MVPs who contributed to SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume II represent over 1000 years of daily experience in SQL Server administration, development, training, and design. This incredible book captures this expertise and passion in a collection of sixty concise chapters, each handpicked by lead editor Kalen Delaney and section editors Louis Davidson, Greg Low, Brad McGehee, Paul Nielsen, Paul Randal, and Kimberly Tripp, and written by an active SQL Server MVP.

This second volume picks up where the first SQL Server MVP Deep Dives leaves off, offering completely new content on topics ranging from testing and policy management to integration services, reporting, and performance optimization techniques. The chapters fall into five parts, Architecture and Design, Administration, Database Development, Performance Tuning and Optimization, and Business Intelligence

About the Authors
This book includes contributions from 63 SQL Server MVPs. All chapters were selected and edited by Kalen Delaney and section editors Louis Davidson (Architecture and Design), Paul Randaland Kimberly Tripp (Database Administration), Brad McGehee (Performance Tuning), Paul Nielsen (Database Development), and Greg Low (Business Intelligence)

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