Saturday, December 27, 2008

SQL2008 - Free Hosted Trial Offer

Dell, MaximumASP and the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) have partnered together to offer a free SQL Server 2008 account on a securely hosted environment. This offer allows anyone to try SQL Server 2008 today without downloading and installing the software.

Thanks to Ella, I knew this news and immediately made my registration.

This feedback, participantion and the free hosted environment, it'll be important for me because I will focus my BI dissertation using Microsoft tools, mainly SQL 2008.
For further details visit Ella’s blog.


Ella Maschiach said...

Thank you Pedro for the acknowledgement, it's very kind of you! :)

Pedro said...

Ella, when you get some news tell me... I didn't receive the email from Microsoft about this subject!

Smith said...

Thanks to Pedro and Ella.. its very useful information. Nice post
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