Thursday, May 6, 2010

BI Tools - SQL 2008 R2 Digital Tour

My teacher Maria Jose Trigueiros is not physical present any more, but she’s always present in my mind. I’m sure that she’s watching what the persons that has the luck to has her as teacher and as a friend will be doing. She shared amazing words, enthusiasm and experiences with me that changed my life. Because I know that she wishes that I continue blogging... I’ll do it, and even with more power!

SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM is now available for download!
I already installed in a new virtual machine in order to preparing some posts about it. In Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, several components have new or improved features. I highlight the following new improvements:

PowerPivot for SharePoint
PowerPivot for SharePoint adds shared services and infrastructure for loading, querying, and managing PowerPivot workbooks that you publish to a SharePoint 2010 server or farm. To create PowerPivot workbooks, you use PowerPivot for Excel.

PowerPivot for Excel
PowerPivot for Excel is an add-in to Excel 2010 that can be downloaded from the web and installed on client workstations. You use PowerPivot for Excel to assemble and create relationships in large amounts of data from different sources, and then use that data as the basis for PivotTables and other data visualization objects that support data analysis in Excel

Reporting Services improvements
Reports can now include maps, sparklines, data bars, and indicators to depict data. Report parts enable collaboration through shared datasets, report items, and data regions that are centrally stored and managed. Dataset query results can be cached on first use or by schedule. SharePoint integration supports multiple SharePoint Zones, SharePoint Universal Logging, and local mode report viewing with Access Services and SharePoint lists. SharePoint lists, SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse, and SQL Azure Database can be used as data sources for reports

Take a look at additional news here
Take a tour on this new version of SQL through SQL 2008 R2 Digital Tour:


Anonymous said...

hi pedro
you have a good blog about microsoft business intelligence .
i'm amir from iran and i work for one of biggest IT company in middle east . i recently interested to microsoft BI and i start working with SSIS for ETL work (for transfer data to datawarehouse) but i'm not pro in SSIS and i dont know how to fill dim or fact table in datawarehouse . if you write or know good article about it please introduce me. thanks

Pedro said...

Hi Amir,
Welcome to this blog.
Thanks for your visit...
I'm preparing some posts about ETl in SSIS... Send me an email and i can also send some docs.

Reza said...

Hi Pedro,
glad to hear that you turned on SQL SERVER 2008 R2. I have a plan to start it this month.

Reza Rad,

Pedro said...

Hi Reza...
Thanks for your visit... I'm just preparing that document to send to
you! :-)
Wait for my news!
Cheers my friend!!


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