Monday, January 7, 2008

BI Conference - Andy Neely in Portugal (ISCTE University)

Dear Friends,
As I told you before my University ISCTE, where I'm current attending my BI master degree, is the best Portugal University in this subject, and not only for the master contents but also the excellent knowledge and experience of the teachers.

And to comprove it, next 22 January 2008, the ISCTE will organize a conference inviting Mr. Andy Neely. He is Deputy Director of the ESRC/EPSRC AIM Research Initiative, Professor of Operations Strategy and Performance at Cranfield School of Management, and Visiting Professor of Operations Management at London Business School.

He's the author of these books:
Business Performance Measurement
(March 2002)

Getting the Measure of Your Business
(July 2002)

Automating Your Scorecard: The Balanced Scorecard Software Report
(October 2003)

Business Performance Measurement: Unifying Theory and Integrating Practice
(Only available next February 2008)

For these and other reasons the conference promises! If you are in Portugal or close, the registrations are opened! Come here and enjoin it!!


Amin said...
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Pedro said...

Check this link:
Here you have a lot of good books suggested by TDWI.

Tomorrow I have master classes and because I'm begining the second trimestre, I will decide tomorrow the books that I will buy. One of the books I will by for sure is this: (it's in the TDWI list books)
Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring and Managing Your Business (by Wayne W. Eckerson)

and you van buy it for £13.32 in the amazon:


Pedro said...

Another book..

Amin said...

Dear Pedro,
I have no idea about these books, but do you know any books that describe the accounting and business intelligence KPI,
I am studying about accounting, but extracting useful KPIs, is my major problem nowadays.

09 January, 2008 05:56

Dear Pedro,
Thanks about the new book.



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