Thursday, April 16, 2009

BI Guest Corner – BI Becomes Military Intelligence

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This article was written by Katie Wilson and I really love this article… Thanks Katie!

BI has been used for a while now in helping corporations collect, analyze and make sense of their vast amounts of data so that they’re able to make more informed decisions that benefit their organization. It’s time for a change of arena though, and the tools of business intelligence are being used intelligently by the U.S. Department of Defense to help track and monitor injured military personnel who are transported for medical care to various places around the world depending on their locations.

The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have fueled the necessity for such a system, which is why the U.S. Transportation Command has sought the services of Information Builders’ WebFocus business intelligence tools. The Transcom Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System (Trac2es) allows the monitoring of military personnel who need medical attention while they’re in transit so that the necessary arrangements can be made for them when they reach the location of the medical facility. This allows for more effective and personalized treatment depending on the condition of each wounded or sick man.

The system includes tools for decision support, reporting and analysis, and when information regarding location and medical needs are fed in, it facilitates medical and military personnel to make better and more informed decisions. This will enable patients to receive the best medical care in the shortest possible time.
The system also allows the tracking of military personnel who have not been injured in the line of duty but who need medical attention anyway and are able to take commercial flights to get to the location of the medical facility.

The goal of the system is to improve the treatment that the injured receive and to keep the military high command informed about their condition. Besides this, it also helps improve planning for the future so that mistakes can be eliminated and patient care made more effective.

Trac2es is a multi-user system that is used by around 2,500 personnel including doctors, nurses, medical clerks and military leaders.

This post was contributed by Katie Wilson, who writes about the accreditation for online universities. She welcomes your feedback at KatieWilson06 at

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