Sunday, May 10, 2009

BI Resort - The BI Community

Finally I will present to my friends and to all those anonymous people that visit my blog, the BIResort comunity. I’m one of the founders of a BI community here in my beautiful country, Portugal! The community has the name of BI Resort, and we all wish to be a place to share knowledge, experiences and organize events about BI.

The founding members of this community work in Microsoft's partner companies, but could be many other professionals with an interest in "this world". The first step is taken, and we hope to have all your support to make this initiative a success. For my part, I promise to be present here for long… I have this blog for two years and have not lost my breath in this long journey.

If you feel curious to know something more about the Business Intelligence ... If you feel you can help someone to solve theoretical or practical problems ... if you had an experience in this area that could be shared... If you think it could be interesting bring to Portugal some communicators in this area ... if you think you can help make this world better ... then participate in this community. The doors are open to all! As we progressed, more details on objectives in the short, medium and long term will be shared with you.

For those who can create a blog in this community, contact me. It'll be an honor! I'll be waiting for your visit, not only here in my blog, but also in the
From Portugal to the rest of the world through this BI comunity!
For a better world!

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