Friday, September 4, 2009

BI Training - Free remote BI Sessions

This month is being hard for me because I’m writing my master thesis… and the deadline is in the final of this month… and for that reason I’m not writing so often. Almost two and a half years writing in this blog and there's a new idea... in addition to send my BI messages/opinions through writing, I'm thinking to contact via video/audio with all you that visit this blog and make it alive with all the comments and suggestions. At the moment I’m only formalize the intention and hoping to receive feedback for all you.

In brief I’m describing below the session plan:
Business Intelligence training focused on learning the concepts and using the Microsoft tools that are more flexible than other players in the market.

To share knowledge, make new friends and also to train my oral english language.

For all the persons that usually visit and support this blog with comments and sugestions. (For portuguese people I’ll prepare soon a on-site training)

I will try to do it on October or November of this year 2009 after finishing the master BI thesis and after the 20h00 (Portuguese time... because I have a job…)

How much?

How attend?
Through Office Live Meeting that you can use to engage audiences in online meetings, training, and events. I need to make some tests to this software, even appoint a date for testing it with all the registered users.

In order to know the number of interested users, please fill the registration form in the link below. (The number of users are limited)

I’ll be waiting for you.


PhiLLy said...

Great Work thank you :)

Pedro said...

Welcome to this blog!
Thanks Philly for your feedback!
These free sessions are receiving more resgistration than I thought at the begining! :-)


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