Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BI Certification - CBIP Exams

Dear friends,
Passed almost a month after the last time I wrote here ... In fact last month has been very hard… and the next also promised with several projects in mind. And one of these projects that I've been thinking for more than 2 years… is the world Business Intelligence certification (CBIP) provided by TDWI.

The TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute™) was founded in 1995 and provides education, training, certification, news, and research for executives and information technology (IT) professionals worldwide.

Next 6 November 2009, I’ll be in Germany to take the CBIP exams for at least one of the 5 key specialities.

– Leadership & Management
– Business Analytics
– Data Analysis & Design
– Data Integration
– Administration & Technology

I’ll try 3 specialities exams, plus 2 other exams that are required and common to all specialities:

Information Systems
Data Warehousing

I have a lot of subjects to write… I’ll promise (once again) that I’ll be more often writing here…


Amin said...

Hi Pedro,

That sounds great,
could you compare this certificate with the ones for microsoft?
Is this more conceptual based, unlike microsoft that looked more toolset based?

Cheers my freind,

Pedro said...

Hi Amin!
How are you? Are you attending your master BI Degree in Sweeden?

This certificate is not comparable with Microsoft certificate... it's very different and the level of complexity it's really high!

You must have a minimum of 3/4 years of BI experience or should attend to the TDWI classes in TDWI conferences! Fortunately they accept my submission in USA, and I'll do it in Germany without classes that are too expensive!

Contact them if you want to take this certificate!

Give me some news about your master!

Web Development Company Chennai said...

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Amin said...

Dear Pedro,

I had two courses in the past quarter, EAI and ERP Systems + Processes for IT Production.
However, in the folowing quarter that will start on monday, I have Data Warehouse and Research Methodology courses.
I think both of these courses could help me.
I am planning to complete SSAS, MDX within this course and get ready to take part in microsoft exam!
I really interested to know more about TDWI.
please write more as you achieve more success, and explain what sort of knowledge should be obtained in order to pass this exam.

best wishes,

jppinto said...


Good luck in your exams. I believe that you'll pass with honor due to your high skills on this area.

I've also started a new project:


I hope that I can teach others some of my knowledge of this specific tool that we use on a daily basis: Excel!

Hope to ear from you soon and hope to see you on my blog also.

Good luck,


Pedro said...

HI Pinto!!! :-)
Thanks for your kindly comments! I hope to make the exams... The time it's being a problem for me... but I try in these last days to prepare a little more for the hard exams next friday on germany!

Your blog about Excel seems fantastic... I'll add to my blog links!

Thanks and keep in touch and dont stop blogging!! :-)


aserra said...

Pedro, I'm a Portuguese / American citizen, I took the CBIP core exam and soon I'll take the Leadership & Management here in Washington DC.
I'm also a PMI certified Project Management Program (PMP). I'm the Delivery Manager for the BI/Enterprise Data Warehouse of one of the US Government agencies. I was please to read that CBIP is recognized in Europe, is it popular in Portugal? Did you take your e CBPI exams in Germany?
Anabela Serra

Pedro said...

Hi Ana!
Can I have you email to change some feedback with you? A portuguese in US? How is the experience? :-)

CBIP is not yet too mutch recognized... but Portugual has a long work to do and improve in the BI field!

I toke the exams in Germany!
Take a look at this link:


Joseph K said...

Hi guys am down in Uganda in east Africa,am a business intellegence manager for a telecom company,,,i have certified in microsoft MCTS business intelligence,i am preparing to sit for CBIP too,,would be glad to hear your experience with this exam if u have sat it before


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