Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BI Guest Corner – Technology vs Information

Technology and Information
Last week I was browsing for some contents on the web and I found a very interesting blog and post from Sofia Neto. I asked her permission to publish a very interesting and short post about technology and information… take a look:

“The technological revolution occurring in organizations since the mass use of Information Technology does not always achieved the expected results.

Several projects find themselves reduced to failure, since many managers and employees consider the systems complicated to implement and understand.

According to Davenport, the "fascination with technology has made us forget the main purpose of information: information." In fact, you don’t need sophisticated technological equipment, complete and powerful programs, if the user is not interested in information that these computers process and make it easier to access.

This brings us immediately to the urgency of the study of the users information behavior and understanding of their information needs. But also, for the struggle between "Technology and Information” for the podium of the importance.

In this battle, Davenport shows that only when the information (creation of users) they will leave information systems truly efficient. "Information and knowledge are essentially human creations, and will never be able to manage them if we do not take into account that people play in this scenario, a key role."

This post was kindly contributed by Sofia Neto, who is a Portuguese Information Manager and writes about Information Management and Information Management Systems at
her blog


Telmo Silva said...

I am not sure I fully understand Sofia's comments or Davenports. Unfortunately I was unable to follow the link, it gives me an empty page. If you could forward me to Sofia's correct blog entry I would really appreciate it as I feel that there is some value in the content.

Already there are some statements that I do not quite agree. The main purpose of information is not information. the main purpose of information is the ability to make a decision.

On the other hand I quite agree that there is no need for complicated systems to achieve better results in decision making and/or to create information from available data.

Pedro said...

Hi Telmo!
Thanks for your visit... seems Sofia stop blogging...:-(
I also agree with you... Information purpose is to make decisions!
I hope to see you here more often!

Pedro said...

Tinha colocado o link errado para PT em vez de COM.


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