Friday, January 7, 2011

BI News – Donald Farmer Left Microsoft

Today I received the notice that Donald Farmer, one of the main business intelligence (BI) minds left Microsoft. Even yesterday I was writing about him on the predixion post and I had no idea what happened today… And imagine to where? To QlickTech…

I do not understand how Microsoft let their main BI reference Donald Farmer goes to the main concurrent of PowerPivot: Qlickview. Last year, Donald Farmer was defending his perspective of PowerPivot product agains Qlickview… now his in that side… what a great loss!

What can we think right now? Some question that we can do: Will Microsoft BI strategy follow Data mining Strategy? (Silenced) Why Donald Farmer left Microsoft? Exactly because there is a change on BI strategic? It’s the end of the line in Microsoft BI?

Read the entire Donald Farmer perspective through his blog in first person here.
Just some paragraphs here:

“When I joined Microsoft in 2001, the Analysis Services team was then about 50 people, and was the largest organization I had ever worked in. Along with Reporting Services, and later Integration Services, the BI org was an exceptional team including some of the smartest, most driven, and most amiable people I know. (Some were all three!)

So, where am I going? I am joining QlikTech, creating a role as the Product Advocate for QlikView. In my next post, early next week, I’ll write more, from QlikTech HQ. I look forward to telling you more about this role and what promises to be a thrilling new direction for me with the most exciting company I have seen in years"

Some Donald Farmer references in this blog during last years:
I wish you the best luck in your new challenge.


Pedro said...


Only the time will tell us if BI will continue to improve or not. I hope soo, and I believe on the current Microsoft BI key persons...

But it's all about Microsoft TOP strategy! Microsoft main product strategies are in Office, SQL Database, Operational Systems and Visual Studio... all those products has some of BI...but the main focus is not BI.

For Microstrategy, ORACLE, SAS, SAP, SPSS... Microsoft is not yet a big competitor... But I believe and hope that in a few time Microsoft will be! And we should know that Microsoft does not has decades of proved work in BI... in 10 years a lot and amazing work as being done! We all hope to see Microsoft on the TOP!
Very good luck for all BI staff of Microsoft that has a big job to do!!

Best luck Donald!

Anonymous said...

People change jobs all the time, there are still many great advocates of MSBI at Microsoft.
Don't worry, I am sure that Microsoft BI will continue to be adopted.


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