Saturday, September 8, 2007

BI Certifications

Dear friends,
Nothing is more important that some entity recognize us an experienced and certified person. For that reason, is very important to learn more and get the best certifications of the world. If someone already has it, please give us some feedback about it. I will try to do the Microsoft exams during this month, and I will post here my comments.
See the links below and read all the benefits and requirements you have.

1. MCTS: SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence

“The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications enable professionals to target specific technologies and distinguish themselves by demonstrating in-depth knowledge and expertise in their specialized technologies.
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence (MCTS: SQL Server 2005 BI) implement and maintain business intelligence solutions. They have thorough knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development tool suite. They have knowledge of database schemas and of debugging, monitoring, and troubleshooting Business Intelligence solutions, and they know how to work with Microsoft .NET Framework. They can write database queries, use SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data mining algorithms, and create and deploy SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports. Additionally, they author and deploy SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. Typically, Technology Specialists pursue careers as database administrators, database developers, or business intelligence developers. They may also be developers and systems administrators who do not work with SQL Server daily but who want to show their breadth of technology experience.”

2. Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)
“TDWI, the leading association for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals, offers the industry's most comprehensive certification program available: the Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP). CBIP, a true test-based certification program, is offered in five key specialties for Business Intelligence success: Leadership & Management, Business Analytics, Data Analysis & Design, Data Integration, and Administration & Technology”


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sreenath said...

I would like to know details abt Master Data Management (MDM) and EDWH( Enterprise Data Warehouse) like.. tools available, Purpose they are used, min duration to develop them for an org having 4 BUs and 2 applicatiopns...Please provide me some useful information.



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