Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BI Master - DSS Concept and Components

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Last week was very hard for me. I was dealing with a big problem with my data warehouse design that I was described in the previous post, and consequently I was sick for two days. With the support of my data warehouse teacher, Patricia Narciso, the problem is currently resolved and I will give you all the explanation in the next post.

Now that I already excused myself, I will start write a little more about the concepts that I have been collecting with my BI master degree and some books that I was reading and indicated by my SIAD teacher, Maria José Trigueiros.

The subject is Decision Support Systems, DSS. Do you know what it is?! If not, don’t worry, I only heard these words few weeks ago… Everything has a begin date!

The study of DSS is really about people, about how people think and make decisions, as well as how they act on and react to those decisions. There isn’t an universal definition about DSS, but there are several investigators in this subject that I’m agree with.

“DSS is an interactive computer-based systems, which help decision makers, utilize data and models to solve constructed problems” (Scott Morton, 1971)

The DSS investigators better knowned in my master degree classes and the authors of some decision making best seller books are Herbert Simon, George Marakas, Samuel Bodily and Covey. I know there will be more experts in this subject but in this post I will focus on the Simon three phases decision making process and in the DSS components.

DSS components

Decision Making
A process of choosing among alternatives courses of action for the purpose of attaining a goal or goals.

The DSS Goal
Increase the effectiveness of decision making.

Will continue........

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in detail form give the components of DSS.


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