Tuesday, February 5, 2008

BI News

Dear Friends,
Sorry for this delay to write a post... you dont imagine the lot of things I have to share and change with you. This delay is because in the last week I was reading a new book... a book that tells me how I can earn money in the financial markets!! eheheh... the book is very good, and was written by a person that worked in the same bank that I'm currently working as outsource BI developer... I'm working for the big IT company in Portugal... It's Novabase (http://www.novabase.pt/)

The book is really good and explain how the markets work and explain some tips that we must care when we invest some money in equities or other financial instruments. I bought this book because I'm currently working as BI developer in a project in this business. This book is writetten in portuguese, but I will try to know if there is some version with english translation.(http://www.keditora.com/nov.html)
But the main purpose of this post is to tell tou that I will start to write more technical posts related to ETL using Microsoft tools. Not only because I have a ETL class in my master degree but because I have some tips that I think could be helpfull to you, like SSIS package configurations, SSIS audit packages, SSIS named conventions, and more and more... so, keep in touch with my blog!!!


Amin said...
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Subhash Subramanyam said...

Hi Pedro,
I was exploring things new in SSIS 2008.. It seems to have all the enhancements for next generation ETL. You might find that a lot more stable than the exisiting version of SSIS 2005.
One more thing, Please check your personal mail. There is something to inform.

Subhash Subramanyam

Pedro said...

Dear Subhash,
I need to have an ETL for my master degree and I will use the new version SQL 2008... you convinced me! :-)

You sent me an email? when?!

Amin said...

Dear Pedro,
I like to read about what you learn from this book,
Unfortunately we could not read it due to the fact that it is not in english.


05 February, 2008 07:28


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