Monday, February 18, 2008

BI Conference - SQLBits - Birmingham (UK)

Dear Friends,
Today I'm very happy!! I received the confirmation for the next SQLBits conference in Birmingham(UK). And I'm happy for several reasons...

  • I will return to Birmingham where I finished my IT Degree some years ago (NewMan College 2001)
  • I will attend to the sessions of Chris Webb and Darren Green that are one of my main sources of inspiration and Allan Mitchell that is one of the authors of my favorite SSIS book at WROX.
  • Change knowledge with the BI comunity and see old and new friends.
  • Learn more about BI and SQL 2008 tools
  • Enjoy Birmingham lifestyle again!
I'm sure you have a lot of reasons like me to the conference. Dont waste more time, there are more than 400 people confirmed!!

For registations follow this link: http://www
There will be several sessions, I selected these ones:

Slot 1:
Master Data Management (MDM)
Taken by Sutha Thiru
Slot 2:
Extending SSIS with custom Data Flow components
Taken by Darren Green
Slot 3:
Understanding LINQ in .NET Framework V3.5 and Beyond
Taken by Mike Taulty
Slot 4:

Making more of SSIS in 2008
Taken by Allan Mitchell
Slot 5:
Using Analysis Services as a data source for Reporting Services reports
Taken by Chris Webb

The agenda:
I will book my flight and hotel tonight!!

And for some reason you cannot go to Birmingham, prepare to go to Glasgow on 10-May-2008... I will try to be there... so, vote in the sessions you want to see!! Follow the link image!

See you around!


Amin said...
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Pedro said...

Ohh amin, And if you come to europe by Portugal?! It's also impossible?!
It would be nice see you in Birmingham...

Pedro said...

I'm arriving right now From Birmingham(UK) to Portugal... and the conference was fantastic!!! I'm preparing a post to you!! just amazing weekend!!!!

Subhash Subramanyam said...

Blog is simply great.. I enjoyed reading particularly about the overview of their webinars.. Did you attend - "Master Data Management" by Sutha Thiru ? Could you describe all about this in short..

Pedro said...

Hi Subhash,
yes i attended that session! Was great, but the way he made the session wasn't atractive, but I will try to detail something about it.
I saw your email and I will give my opinion about your articles as soon I can! Those articles are fantastic!!! Very good job!!!!
Cheers friend!!

Subhash Subramanyam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Subhash Subramanyam said...

Dear Pedro,
Sorry that I required some edits on my reply for you last comment but unfortunately I didn't find that option.
Hope you know the trend in MDM - Master Data Management. I am really keen about the Microsoft's solution for MDM. So that I can brief comparisons with Teradata's Solution for the same. You might want to look at Teradata's Technology solution for MDM here:

Pedro said...

Dear Subhash,
I will try to do it for you. Today I read your doc and you made a very good work. I have some comments to do mainly about SSIS08 that I'm currently using for my master BI degree. Thanks for your visit!!!
Cheers my friend!

Amin said...

Dear Pedro,
I registered in the conference and get the confirmation, That was the good news, but after that I realized that I cannot get the visa in appropriate time, therefore I had to send a request to site's admin to cancel my registration.
I realized that I have to get a Visa for coming to UK, and Unfortunately it is not an easy Task.
Finally I hope reading about its topic more from you.

Best Regards,

19 February, 2008 09:33


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