Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BI Conference - SQLBits - Birmingham (UK) - After

Dear Friends,
I’m just arriving from Birmingham (UK) and I only have one Word to describe the experience: FANTASTIC! I have several things to write but if you weren’t there you missed a fantastic day!
As you already know, I’m currently living in Portugal but last Friday I pick my girlfriend and went to Birmingham (UK) to attend the SQLBits conference and back to the city where I’ve finished my degree some years ago. Microsoft Portugal is not investing too much in SQL BI tools, and in the last summer it had only one person specialized in these tools… To prove it, the next TechDays 2008 in Portugal there will be just a few sessions in SQL BI tools and probably too basic… The possibility to hear some “gurus” and the authors of my preferred books from Wrox and Wiley, it was an opportunity that I couldn’t missed!
I will describe in general how it was this journey to Birmingham and I will detail my preferred sessions on detail in a next post.

The Conference
There was several sessions in this conference, and I attended the sessions related with Business Intelligence MS SQL tools. Darren Green, Allan Mitchell and Chris Webb didn’t disappointed me in their sessions, and the money expended in this journey was a very good investment on my career and a good opportunity to “open my eyes” more and more to the world.

Allan Mitchell Session
Allan spoke about the new features of SSIS 2008 and compares it with the SSIS 2005. He shows some details that usually some developers don’t pay much attention, the performance… he show some details behind the scene, and in my opinion he done it good!
Pipeline Limiter
LookUp Component (Cache Options)
Data Profiling Task
Change Data Capture

Chris Webb Session
This session was very interesting… I expecting to see something about new features and good advantages of SSRS, and what I saw was the opposite and I’m totally in agree with him and this session prove that this type of events are not to sell products but is a place where we can receive very good and sincerely tips and tricks from developers to developers. And Microsoft was one of the sponsors…

Darren Green Session
Darren session was very cool and he spoke about a subject that I normally in SSIS avoid but after the session I will take more attention… and the subject is custom data components. I bought the WROX book that Darren wrote and refer this subject but I didn’t read those chapters… But is really interesting , not only to understand better the pipeline engine but also to develop more specific and complex transformations.

The City and BullRing
As I told you before, I finished my degree in Birmingham some years ago. There are several improvements in the city but it still beauty! A very good improvement was the BullRing Center that is a big shopping place with an area equivalent to 26 football stadiums!!!

The Hotel
Normally, hotels in England are not comfortable or modern, but this Hotel is very modern and I knew a Portuguese man that works there!

The NightLife
The night bars and discos are incredible on pressure of safety guards…

So... in resume, was a fantastic journey!! I will try to detail more about the conference in a next post!


Amin said...
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Anonymous said...
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chris said...

Hi Pedro,
Glad you enjoyed SQLBits! If you were sitting right in front of me you should have said hello!


Pedro said...

Hi Chris,
I didnt tell you nothing because I thought that you wont remember me. :-(
But next conference in September I will mass you! :-)
Give me feedback about the conferences where you'll speak!
Cheers and thanks for you contribution to BI comunity!!

Amin said...

Dear Pedro
I am very happy that you could take part in that conference, I am very keen on reading your new post ASAP.
Your pictures showed the excitement and drama that you had experienced in England.
I am looking forward to reading more!

Cheers friend.

05 March, 2008 04:24

Ella Maschiach said...

Hi Pedro,

Thank you for sharing your impressions from the conference with all of us who couldn’t make it. It was very enlightening.

Ella Maschiach said...

Hi Pedro,

Thank you for sharing your impressions from the conference with all of us who couldn’t make it. It was very enlightening.


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