Thursday, March 20, 2008

BI Education - The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit

Dear Friends,
I ‘m very busy with my job and my master BI degree, but I will try to come here with more frequently. I have too many things to blog and I don’t know where I will start from.

For now, I’ll write few words about the recent book of Ralph Kimball. I confess that I always was a fan of Kimball books, but normally those books have a lot of years. Although the subjects of almost the books are in use, I think that they was a little old and could be better adapted and integrated.

Ralph Kimball Group launched a new and fantastic book, “The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit” (second edition) on last January 2008. I read only four chapters yet, but I really feel that this book is better than others from Ralph Kimball Group. Check the contents of the book in the amazon or wiley website.
Obviously, I bought this book, and it has a fantastic price on Amazon (UK) at I paid for the book about 18€ (Euro) with shipment included and received in 2 days!!! (I’m in Portugal… don’t forget it) Normally, I buy the books at Amazon directly to the Amazon partners because is more cheaply, but in this case there is no difference between Amazon official price and the partners price.
I’m preparing a post about Reporting Services 2005 and 2008 querying an OLTP database.


Amin said...
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Subhash Subramanyam said...

I'd recommend this book which seem more valuable in terms of learning Dimensional Modelling instead of Life Cycle management aspects in Data Warehousing.

Pedro said...

Dear Subhash,
I have the book you refered, but the reason I like the new one, is because is more diversificated and integrated. Explain better and in a modern point of view, the better way for an ETL, Phisical and Logical design specification... But I have several chapters to read...:-) Thanks for your visit my friend, your opinion is always important for me!!!

Amin said...

Yes, This book is fantastic,
and I am waiting for new book fair which will be at May for buying it.


22 March, 2008 05:59

Bojan said...

Yo can find a lot of BI/DW knowledge stuff at

Knowledge with no limits!

Pedro said...

Hi Bojan!
Welcome to the Blog!
Thanks for the link, your site seems very interesting. If I can contribute to it just let me know!


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