Friday, March 21, 2008

BI Tools - SQL2008 CTPFebruary Bug (SSIS)

Dear friends,
I found the gold…… I found the bug! J This mistake is because I never thought that a simple person like me, here in my small country with the name of Portugal, that sometimes people think the country is a state of Spain would found a Microsoft bug in SQL 2008 (SSIS)... ok… but let’s talk about the bug. Sorry for this introduction…

As I told you in a previous post, I’m developing a SSIS project for my master BI degree, using the new SQL 2008 CTPFebruary version. I found a bug, that I think is critical and very important.
If you already worked with SSIS 2005, you are probably familiarly with the warning messages that advise you for unused columns in your pipeline:

For those people who never saw the messages, I made a very simple example. (Note: One of the best practices to develop an ETL package is to try to minimize the size of each row in your pipeline. If you forget to delete these unused columns you will be decreasing ETL performance. If you already used SSIS 2005 and never saw the messages, take care)
This simple example in previous version of SSIS (2005) only executes a query in the table “Person.Contact” on AdventureWorks and inserts the returned rows into a temporary table.

1. Add a dataflow “DFT TestBug” to the ControlFlow
2. Goto the dataflow created in the previous step
3. Add an OLEDB Source to get some data from AdventureWorks database:
SELECT Title, FirstName, MiddleName FROM Person.Contact
4. Add an OLEDB destination to insert the data into a #tempTable. Map the source and destination columns title and firstname and intentionally leave the column MiddleName without map.

As you can see for the image below, the SSIS 2005 advice you for the unused columns with warning messages. In the new version, these messages doesn't appear!!!

I posted this bug in MSDN Forums
and James Thomson and Bob Bojanic kindly suggested me to submit this bug to Microsoft. I submit the bug as you can see for the link below:

Sorry MSFT team for this post, but for me this messages are very important and it will be a problem if the final version doesn’t correct this!


JamieT said...

Good work Pedro!!!

Pedro said...

Dear Jamie,
You dont imagine the honour of your visit in my blog. Thanks for the post!!

Amin said...
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Subhash Subramanyam said...

IT'S JAMIE THOMPSON on your blog.. Good bug identified... I could n't believe..

Subhash Subramanyam

Pedro said...

Happy new year! :-) Come back with blogging fast! :-)

I know is Jamie! :-) I hope to find more bugs only to see him more times here!! eheheheh
I'm loving new version SQL 2008...

Cheers my friends!!

Subhash Subramanyam said...

Recently I posted some bugs(All Subjects are prefixed "Katmai CTP-6:"). I hope some are very critical as they are apparently blocking. Request you to rank them accordingly based on priority. Request your friend Amin too.

Subhash Subramanyam

Pedro said...

For my is critical!!
I cant control the unused columns without warning messages on the log event or in the progress tab. :-(
I will go there!! Thanks for advise Subhash!!!
Amin... go there men!! :-)

Pedro said...

Dear Friends,
I received an email from Microsoft tell me that the bug is fixed.

Amin said...

Dear Pedro,
As you told, this warning is vital for ETL developers, and I don't have any idea about why they eliminate it?
Today is the 3rd day of our new year, and I am in holiday till 5th,
I will write about what you suggested after holiday.

Thanks my freind,

22 March, 2008 05:55

Amin said...

Dear Pedro,
Thank you for the permission ;)
and thank you for the greeting.
It is very nice that they fixed it soon.
many thanks.

Cheers my friends,

Anonymous said...

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Subhash Subramanyam said...

Could you please send me the Kimball Data Profiling Project

Pedro said...

Dear Friend Subhash,
I already sent you the project!


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