Thursday, July 15, 2010

BI Education - Post-Graduation in BI

The current Business Intelligence (BI) post-graduation degree at Universidade Portucalense (UPT) is near the end, and the next edition, as is typical in a well-organized institution like UPT, is already being prepared. According to the students, the current and first edition is being a success, which gives more motivation and enthusiasm for the entire teaching staff to continue the work and achieve the high expectations of the people who normally enroll in such courses.

I was again invited to take the course of BI, which made me very honored and proud and with a sense of accomplishment. There is always something to improve and innovate, and the next edition will be no exception. In terms of innovation will be my priority update all my modules and the used tools, and especially keep students of the 1st edition "tied" to the university for sharing knowledge among all, inviting them to attend some classes, workshops and mainly to present the final project done in the current edition. The following image show the general structure of my modules aligned with all the post graduation degree:

With the aim of bringing academia to the "real world", were created partnerships with large national and international companies with recognition in the area of BI. Among them are Microsoft, Primavera and Devscope as GOLD partners, and Microstrategy, Novabase, Critical Software, Informatica, PHC and Oracle as SILVER partners. My thanks to various partners for this partnership, even in the current crisis, providing the next edition students, with high quality workshops, BI books and awards for the best students.

A special thanks to students from the current edition for all their interest, dedication, kindness and friendship. I’m sure that for all their qualities their future is very promising. Personally, I see this graduation as only a training opportunity for sharing knowledge with students about this fantastic world of Business Intelligence and for which I am truly passionate.
Registrations are now open!


Anonymous said...

As I said before you did a great work and it was a great pleasure have you as a teacher! I hope attend your classes in the future...


António Gabriel Lopes

Pedro said...

Thanks Antonio for you visit and kindly words.

You was only the once with BI real world experience, and for that reason naturally that your expectation was very high! I hope you enjoy the graduation and have a different perspective from BI. One thing I unsure you... I gave 200%! :-)

I've no doubt that your future will be amazing! If someday I open my BI Company, for sure I'll contract you!


PS: I like to be in the real-world" and near the students to understand their issues... unfortunately almost the times this doesn't occur in educational world!

Business News & Intelligence said...

I dont think I could have said it any better myself. You totally expressed the same thoughts that I was thinking with this wonderful blog post. Please keep readers such as myself engaged and keep writing such great content.B2B News

Pedro said...

Thanks for your visit and thanks for using this blog to marketing purposes. :-)


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