Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BI Article - Writing for Portuguese Microsoft KB

Recently I was invited by Microsoft to write to Portuguese Knowledge Base on SQL Server, more specifically in the Business Intelligence (BI) area. It was an honour and extra motivation for me, despite I’m being increasingly busier and with difficulty to contribute with my BI perspective in the various communities I am currently involved. This is also a challenge to test my capability for manage my time.

My articles on Microsoft's KB will follow a structure of "from theory to practice" in the BI area and they can be less or more detailed and addressing various issues on Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining using tools such as Microsoft SQL Server R2, Excel 2010 , Power Pivot and Sharepoint 2010. This first article focuses on an approach that I typically use to design the date dimension. I hope this article is useful and also contribute for more complex approaches on date dimensions that you may need to implement on your BI System.

Take a look at my first KB article (KB2293691)
here and follow this link or press on the image below to download the files refered on the article!

If you want to know my perspective about BI concept, I suggest you to read my article on BlogNotions here


Amin said...

Great Job!
Congratulation :)

I looked at it, yet It is not in English, and I just could look at the pictures ;)

I am sure we will hear more good news about this from you ;)


Pedro said...

Thanks my friend for your support and visit!
I hope to see more posts on your blog! :-)

Reza said...

Hi Pedro,
This is satisfying for you I think. great step forward in your Professional activities.
I hope more and more progress day by day for you.

Pedro said...

Thanks a lot reza!
We need to write something both! :-)
Cheers my friend!

Igor Neumann said...

Great article!!!

It´s a big step forward to increase the relationship with our partners.

Articles with this technical quality are GREAT resources for us and for all Microsoft programs users.

Many thanks for the valuable time spent to help us, we are very proud of our MVPs.

Looking forward for more articles from you.

Igor Neumann

Pedro said...

Hi Igor!
Thanks a lot for all your support!
You're an example!
I hope to write next article during the next week.


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