Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BI with US against Moodys

I don’t like to publish this type of videos, but this time I think Moody’s deserve this message just because we are making all the efforts to overcome our problems. I know that almost problems we are currently facing, are the responsibility of the latest government’s, but this time the latest Moody’s downgrade was really an injustice and an attack against Portugal.

There's always something good in the bad moments, like many of you that can know now a country called Portugal. Visit us and know this amazing country!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BI Tools - SQL Denali CTP3 Released

Microsoft announced today in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference the release of the Community Technical Preview (CTP 3) of Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali”! I’m really very excited to install and check all the new BI features that I have at very high expectations! The world is moving fast and I hope that all you can stay connected with the future!!!

Take a look to the keynote presented by Satya Nadell (President of Server and Tools Business Group) to see all the news about Microsoft products, best partners and strategy for the next year

More details here
SQL "Denali" CTP3


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