Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BI BLOG - News Update

Dear friends, It was so many time since the last time I wrote here. Basically, it was very difficult to get time to share and learn from all you. I’m currently being prepared to start a new challenge and be happy in other place. Time to time, a change is needed to refresh the mind and also enrich ourselves with new experiences and know new persons. Last week, I left my previous company. Although we have different perspectives and strategies about BI world, I should share with all you that it was a very good experience. I knew amazing persons, consolidate old friendships and will be follow up all their progress. Meantime, is time to calm down, learn, write, share, teach and keep on with my PhD on BI area. Right now, I can ensure with all you, that I’ll be writing more often here. This is my home… since 2007… It was 7 years since the first post! Keep in touch!


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