Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Review

It passed 3 months from the previous post and I need to say sorry to all you that follow my blog. For all the visitors, friends and more than 500 followers I want to explain that the previous year were the most important of my life and for that reason I failed writing here more often. I started the most important project of my life with the birth of my daugter Diana, wrote an entire book with my friend Reza and moved from Lisboa to Oporto to embrace a new challenge in a new company (BI4ALL) and stay near my family

The most important project of my life and the first smile:

The most amazing city of the world: Porto

The book

... and he company I currently work and the event I organized in Porto

I promise that I'll write more often! 
I have several projects in mind to share with you all.


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