Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BI Reporting - Dundas for Microsoft Products

Dear Friends,
Today I will try to explain which Dundas components is included with the “new version” of SQL 2008 Katmai. I used new version in commas because Microsoft is preparing another new version for 2010 with the name Killimanjaro.

Dundas makes our job easier with a complete line of data visualization tools for Microsoft technologies. These award-winning products includes charts, gauges, maps and calendars for Microsoft .NET, SQL Reporting Services and SharePoint

I always avoided 3rd party components, not only because is needed extra payment but also because in the companies I worked they doesn’t accept 3rd party installations. But Dundas has a big potencial in data visualization with hundreds of components, and for that reason Microsoft include it in the new 2008 products. But I was a little disappointed because only a few components are included with these Microsoft 2008 products… Only the gauges… that is very useful for balanced scorecards and other type of reports that has KPI’s… but if you want to add some dundas charts, maps or calendars, you must pay! Bbbbrrr…

For SQL Reporting Services 2008, I made a simple’s screenshots to make you more familiar with Dundas AddIn. (left image the free features and the right image the payed features)
If you need to do some specific and complex charts or gauges and have some budget, Dundas is a very good solution. Go to and download a trial version that comes with a lot of examples.

I will try to write some words about other excellent 3rd party components that I heard for the first time in the ‘SQLBits’ conference last September in London, the XLCubed that acquires BonaVista Systems, the developer of MicroCharts.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BI Conference - SAS Forum 2008 - Special Session

SAS conference took place two weeks ago, but only today I finally got sometime to dedicate this post to my master BI colleagues Fernanda Romão, João Guerreiro, Paulo Batista e Pedro Cardoso.

They presented a BI session in SAS forum 2008 with very high quality. They apply data mining techniques on predicting European funds that must be assigned into educational purposes investments.

They are excellent master colleagues and very good friends. They deserve all the best and the opportunities to prove their high level skills. Below I show you some photos that I took to them!



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