Thursday, November 13, 2008

BI Conference - SAS Forum 2008 - Special Session

SAS conference took place two weeks ago, but only today I finally got sometime to dedicate this post to my master BI colleagues Fernanda Romão, João Guerreiro, Paulo Batista e Pedro Cardoso.

They presented a BI session in SAS forum 2008 with very high quality. They apply data mining techniques on predicting European funds that must be assigned into educational purposes investments.

They are excellent master colleagues and very good friends. They deserve all the best and the opportunities to prove their high level skills. Below I show you some photos that I took to them!



Anonymous said...

It was a nice surprise for me to see that me and my collegues, are the "stars" in one of your posts.

Thank you for your friendship and support.

Fernanda Romão

Pedro said...

It's really amazing your dedication and the improvement that you made in all these months. You are the star in my most and in the master degree!!!
Thanks for your visit and keep going!!!

Anonymous said...


Some excellent ideas and you had mentioned you were looking for tips, we have many for you if you'd like to talk with us at


Pedro said...

Hi Brian,
I will take a look on your site, but I only have educational goals... not invest in real market... maybe when I finish the dissertation!.. and for now, what I really need is historic data from macroeconomic indicators... could you share those data with me? :-)
Kind regards!

PS: Thanks for you visit to my blog!


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