Monday, July 23, 2007

Blog Purpose

Dear Friends,
Yesterday, an anonymous user post in this blog and advised me to take some care about the information that I publish…
He thought that I was publishing confidential information in the examples published… he was wrong but I did not advise anyone and I agree with him, but he could have itself identified… even because I fell he works near me…
Some people does not understand the purpose of this blog, and doesn't know the importance that it has for me. No matter how little this blog is, but If it helps at least one person, the existence is justified.
And to prove it, I’m in the top ten of answerers in the SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and SharePoint MSDN Forums! Side by side with the bigger “gurus” in this subjects and authors of my preferred BI Books!!

I help the others not for be in this top, but to help others as well as they help me to find the right solution for my doubts… this is a community, and somebody does not know what it is!
I’m proud to be part of this community and to have some knowledge to share…

In my free time I will continue here and in MSDN Forums sharing my ideas!

Kind regards and good work

Thursday, July 19, 2007

SSIS - MSDN Gemma doubt

Dear friends,

I'm writing this post to try to help Gemma (from MSDN forums get the solution for her problem.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

SSAS - Slowly Changing Values

Dear Friends,
This post could be very controversy… I hope to receive comments from you…

The Problem

The Solution
Using the Transform Slowly Changing Dimension, I think the performance would be worst (but maybe I’m wrong), and is more useful when you need the Data in the IS. So, inside of one of the best books I have in home, MDX Solutions (, I found the solution for my problem in the page 84 (Chapter3)

The data inside my FactTable that has the values to create historical data in MDX:

I hope the get comments to it!
Thanks and regards!

SSAS - Get ReferenceDate

Dear Friends,
In this post I will describe on of the last problems that I was involved.

The Problem
I have millions of rows in a FactTable with fields ID, Date and Amount… (I have more fields in this table, but for this post is irrelevant).
In AS I will have these rows aggregated by Time, so, for each day I have an amount. For each row, I need to create a calculated member for each day with the value amount of a reference date. The formula is:

Reference Date = Last Date of previous year of [My Field Date] of each row in FactTable.

The Solution
I posted my problem in MSDN forums, and I got an answer from Bryan C. Smith but didn’t resolve my problem.
He gave me an example of Adventure Works, but did not work in my project.

So, I was looking for several MDX functions, and after a lot of failed attempts I founded the solution!

In this statement, I'm using the ClosingPeriod and Ancestor MDX functions. The ancestor to get the last year, and the ClosingPeriod to get the last value of that year in the hierarchy day.

I hope this post help you!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

SSIS - DataFlow Performance I

Dear Friends,
Today I will show you the images of the dataflow inside the SEQ Container (SEQ IMPORT TO FactTable CashFlows).
This dataflow import data from SQL Server 2000 and insert it in a SQL Server 2005. Each of this datasource are from different tables. If your SSIS server does not have sufficient RAM, maybe could be better to separate this dataflow in 2 or more.

Give me your feedback!


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