Monday, July 28, 2008

SQL Bits III - UK Event

Dear Friends,
Do you remember SQL Bits last march?! No? If not check my post here:

Yes it’s true... SQL Bits will take place next September 2008 and I hope to be there!
SQL Bits is an event organized by UK SQL Server Community and if you attend the event, could be your opportunity to learn and share knowledge with the main gurus of SQL Server. I was in the last SQL Bits, and believe me... it’s a very important and very organized event that you must attend... Behind the SQL Bits you can see persons like Simon Sabin, Chris Webb, Tony Rogerson, Martin Bell, Darren Green and Allan Mitchell that has publish several books and has a lot of knowledge to share with us.

The SQL Bits III will be focus on four main areas:
1. Business Intelligence
2. Database Administration
3. Development
4. SQL Katmai version

And you can register on the sessions you prefer. And in the next event was introduced a new feature that could be very interesting... the Training Day... In this new feature you pay a simbolic price of 150£ to receive one intensive day training from SQL Bits organizers on one of the four main areas of the event.

What are you waiting for?! Check all the available sessions and register right now!!
Attention to Amin (Iran), Bruno Ferreira (Ireland), Ella Maschiach (Israel), Subhash Subramanyam (India) and other BI fanatics... this could be a good oportunity to meet you and take a good time!


Amin said...

Dear Pedro,
It sounds fantastic. Although I could not participate in this session, I hope I can read about it in your blog as you did in the past excellently.

Cheers My Friend,

Pedro said...

hey Amin.... when you leave for a while Iran?! :-)
write in your blog and give your perspective of BI...

Ella Maschiach said...

Hi Pedro,

How are you? I regret to say I won't be going to to the conference - so I'm counting on you to make a good post out of it. Really loved your post about BI Architecture, keep up the good work!

All the best,

Alex said...

Hey Pedro

I'll hopefully see you there - Must meet up for a coffee? :-)

Pedro said...

Hi Alex.. very good ideia!
I already booked the flight, event and hotel! :-)
Thanks for your visit to my blog!!


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