Thursday, August 14, 2008

Data Mining - Rafal Event

In April 2008 Rafal Lukawiecki came to Portugal and unfortunately I didn’t attend it. I confess, that I’ve never heard about Rafal, but today, and after seeing the four webcats, I feel that I lost a fantastic event. So... do you know what I did? I link my laptop to my LCD television and see all the Rafal webcasts!! It was really fantastic... now I understand my friend Subhash!

But who is Rafal? See this YouTube video...

After my Data Mining class in my master BI degree, I’ve started to look to data mining with new eyes, and data mining is the main intelligence that a BI project could have... you could have an ETL, DW or Reporting module perfect, but the intelligence in BI is in the capability to predict the future, to analyse past and present behaviours and make the difference predicting on what it’ll happen next!

For those who really like to learn Data Mining, independently about the tools that usually use my suggestion is to start from here... from starting to see these four Rafal webcasts. Fortunately, in my master BI degree I had one of the most gurus of Data Mining here in Portugal... the teacher Dr. Duarte Trigueiros... He’s also fantastic and very comunicative as Rafal. From one hand Rafal speak more near the business logic and sometimes more intuitive and for other hand the teacher Dr. Duarte Trigueiros is more statistical. The conjuction of both approches is fantastic, and it was a privilege and a proud for me...

Introduction to Data Mining
Working with Data Mining
Using Data Mining in Your IT Systems (Part 1)
Using Data Mining in Your IT Systems (Part 2)

After the Rafal webcasts, I dont have nothing more to write about it! But I’m currently doing a work for my master BI degree to predict the stock market behaviours... could be a good way to became rich fast!! I’ll tell about it in a next post...


philippine lotto results said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

Pedro said...

Thanks for your visit! If you have some knowledge to share, please let me know and participate more in this blog!!

Amin said...

Dear Pedro

Thanks for introducing Rafal Lukawiecki; I didn't know him too.


Alex said...

Hi Pedro!

I totally agree, I've been lucky enough to see Rafal twice now; firstly at the SQL 2008 launch in Birmingham UK. I was so impressed I got myself onto a day long seminar he presented in London.

If you're interested in data mining, he is a must see. If you're not interested in data mining, you will be by the time he's finished with you! He's also a really nice chap!

Alex said...

In fact I'm pretty sure the link you've posted to the video is for the event that I was at - I'm now trying to spot my head in the audience!! :-)

Pedro said...

Hi Alex!! Thanks for your visit!!
Rafal is really fantastic, and if someone doesnt like DataMining... after Rafal conference I have doubts! He is very intuitive, simple language and he's not too statistics!!!

Miky Schreiber said...

Hi Pedro,

I was in the same lecture with Rafal Lukawiecki in Israel and indeed it was great. The problem is that Rafal shows how simple Microsoft's DM world is where it's not simple at all (I written about it in my blog after his lecture:,guid,49397c1d-d6c2-4041-9848-efd0be80d8a0.aspx)


Pedro said...

HI Miky!
I saw your blog, and I'm with you... and as I wrote in my post, the better combination is to join the both perspectives. One hand Ralf and in other hand my master BI teacher, specilized in statistics, maths and finance! :-)
It's very good receive your feedback in my blog!!!


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