Thursday, August 28, 2008

BI Conferences - SQLBits and SSWUG

You may already felt that I’m very fanatic for learn, mainly if we are talking about Business Intelligence and Microsoft tools. For this reason, I’m writing today about two big conferences that will take place next September. One is the SQLBits, organized by that I already refered in a previous post and the second is a very innovative virtual conference with the top speakers of the world organized by Almost the authors of my preferred books from wrox and wiley, will be in SQL Bits or in the SSWUG conferences.


For this reason I already have my flight and hotel booked for the next SQLBits ( trainingday (150£) and conference (Free) in London next 12/13 September 2008.
Some topics could be basic for me, but it’s important to follow the new BI improvements and mainly the details that in most cases make the difference! And is good to train my English and meet some people to dinner and spend some time sharing experiences. For now I have the confirmation of my friend Bruno Ferreira that is working on Ireland, Alex from UK (, some friends from ExpertsExchange, and other people from BI comuninity


If you cannot be on the SQLBits, dont be ungry... you can follow other events like SSWUG conferences from home. There will be four conferences for a simbolic price of $100 (in Euros is less than 100€) and all the conferences are for 3 days and I’m sure it will be fantastic. It’s not difficult to imagine that my preferred conference will be the Business Intelligence conference on September 24-26... but I’m confess that I dont know If I will attend or not... it’s not the same thing a conference from a laptop or a conference on site as I will do in UK on SQL Bits... but I’ will try to attend!!!
Business Intelligence : September 24-26
SQL Server: 01-03
SharePoint Technologies : October 15-17

If you are thinking to attend one of the conferences, please tell me and join me on that!


Tecnologias .Net CRM SHAREPOINT said...

Já me lembro de ti :P, tudo bem rapaz? Não sei se sabes quem sou. Obrigado pelo comentário, um abraço, ultimamente tenho dedicado mais em Business Objects SDK, fazer reports em BO é sempre a mesma coisa :P e não puxa, SDK sempre da mais para fazer, fico atento ao teu Blog.

Pedro said...

Hi Andre! After speak with you in MSN I remember you... Thanks for your visit, and I hope the start speaking with you more often!!!

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