Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BI Dissertation – MSIAD

Today I finally publish the presentation of my master BI dissertation, that I defended last year. I do it to share my perspective and experience with you, but mainly because I know that it was one thing that the teacher Maria Jose Trigueiros would want to see, if she was with us. For that reason, I’m also writing an article about this dissertation with my advisor, the teacher Drº Orlando Belo, in order to submit it internationally.

For now the presentation is in Portuguese, but I can easily translate it to English if I get some requests to do it. Unlike most of the master's students, I do not hide my dissertation and I share it with pleasure. I hope it could be helpful to you at least, to get some ideas.


Peter said...

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for posting the Dissertation. Unfortunatly it's not in English.

About the article that you will write about the SSIS packagege that get the info from the Website any news ?

Best regards,

Pedro said...

Hi Peter! Thanks for your visit!
I'll start tomorrow your post! :-) I'll promise!

mika.rez said...

Hi, Pedro!
My name is Mika. I am russian student. We are studing BI now, and i am interested how we can use it on stock market. If you have translated version of presentation could you send it?

Best regard,

Pedro said...

Hi Mika,
Thanks for your visit to the blog.
I'm not translated yet but I can share some feedback with you by email.
Just let me know where you want to focus in.


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