Sunday, September 16, 2007

BI Master - 1. Weekend

As I told you before, I started my master in “Integrated Systems to Decisions Support” . This master will be on Fridays and Saturdays.

The master in this first trimester will be focus in 3 main subjects:
- Integrated Systems to Decisions Support (Maria José Trigueiros - ISCTE)
- Management of DataWarehouse Projects (Patricia Narciso - GTBC)
- Data Analysis (Teresa Calapez - ISCTE)

I. Integrated Systems to Decisions Support
These first lessons was something seemed like a group therapy!
The main purpose was to make all the people “speak the same language”. There is some basic concepts that you think you know, but in the reality we have some difficult to give a definition to them.

It was some questions that made us to think…
What's a computer?
What's a problem?
Have all the problems one decision?
If there isn’t alternatives, there is a decision?
What's intelligence?

Feel de Gap!

II. Management of DataWarehouse Projects
In these first lessons, Patricia explained the most important differences between Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball aproaches, and gave us a generic architecture that I think is a miscellaneous of both.

“Numerous data warehouse practitioners have questioned the different approaches to data warehousing as taught by Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball. Religious wars have erupted between devout followers of each. As the industry has matured, the two philosophies have become much more aligned with each other. However, the language used to describe their methodology leads to questions of compatibility.”
Read full Susana Gallas article following this link

There is a discussion about these two approaches in the link:

III. Data Analysis
The general feeling is that these lessons will be very hard.
It will be focus in data analysis with a lot of statistical techniques.
I only had a lesson in this subject and for that reason, I will resume this subject better in the next week.



Subhash Subramanyam said...

Thanks for post Pedro. Remarkable thing is that apart from the Conceptual skills, I understand the role of analytical skills (especially complex statistical calculations) for Data warehouses having Complex business processes as well as goals that one should aquire before taking the post BI developer.

Pedro said...

Dear Subhash,
I think statistical calculations will be an interesting subject for me... I will try to apply those calculations in my current job...
If you have some concepts/ideias/comments to share with us, feel free! :-)

Subhash Subramanyam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Subhash Subramanyam said...

Dear Perfeito,
what's your current job ? Where are you working currently at UK ?
if you can brief me about your current project scenario, i am keen to give my suggestion as well as ideas to the best.

Subhash Subramanyam

Pedro said...

Thanks Subhash!
I was working in UK (birminham) some years ago when I was finishing my degree. Currently I'm working in a portuguese bank as a BI Developer using MSFT tools.


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