Saturday, October 4, 2008

BI Education - ExpertExchange Guru Certification

Experts Exchange has about 90.000 members around the world, and is currently the best place to share knowledge with the comunity.
In the overall I’m in 1908 position…

Yesterday, it was another important day in my career, I finally achieve the Guru certification on SQL Server 2005 zone. It was six months since my first certification answering questions regarding Business Intelligence issues with Microsoft Tools. (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, MDX…)

As I told you before, there are 9 different ranks that you could achieve, I’m now in the 7º rank, but I will try to achieve the higher… maybe I will wait some years but I will try!

I knew some fantastic people in Experts Exchange (EE) website, and I found some weeks ago, two Portuguese guys that are also answering questions but in .Net development zones. For each certification, EE will send you a t-shirt as a gift…
Join us in this world!


Amin said...

Hi Pedro,

I wish you get higher ranks ASAP.

Best wishes,

Pedro said...

Thanks Amin!
Register in the EE website... choose your zone and play the game!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.
Excellent content.


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Good luck

Jorge Paulino said...

Nice work Pedro!


Chirag Prajapati said...

Hi Pedro,
Amazing job before couple of day MCTS in BI,now this one.
Excellent job.
Congrates once again.

Warm Wishes,
Chirag Prajapati.

jppinto said...

Good work Pedro. That's what EE has so great...when we win a certification, we want another right away!


PS: We wen to MS Dreamway, jpaulino gave you a call for us to meet in person but you didn't answer! Maybe next time...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pedro

Congratulations! Keep up the good work... :-)


Pedro said...

I'm just arriving from vacations! Thanks for all your support!
It's a pleasure seing all you here!!

Anonymous said...

A Portuguese Excellent Business Intelligence Blog,

Pedro Thx for the Comment on my blog, i'm going to add you to my blogroll.

I hope i can learn something with you and your blog.

(Já te adicionei ao LinkedIN)

Pedro said...

Hi Hugo!
Thanks for your visit to my blog! I found yours from a LinkeIn Group discussion!
I'm start thinking that portuguese BI comunity is more bigger than I thought! :-)
I hope to see you more often here!! I will add you also to my blog roll and will visit you again!!!


(Um grande abraço hugo)

Anonymous said...


What wonderful news!
I'm so glad for you, it's very impressive. The rate you're going, I'm sure we'll hear you earned the next certification level in no time. It's very good of you to help everyone out like that.

Keep up the good work,
Ella :)


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