Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BI Recognition - Sharepoint MVP award

Dear friends,
Today I’ll dedicate this post to a friend that recently achieved a MVP Sharepoint Award. MVP is an award that Microsoft gives to all those special persons that help people that are constantly helping people on specific subjects. Maybe someday it’ll be my turn… but for now, I just want to congratulate André for his accomplishment. I deal very well with the success of all my friends, mainly those like André and Jorge Paulino, that are always sharing knowledge with communities. I truly believe that Portuguese guys have a lot of knowledge to share with the world, despite most portuguese people think the opposite (portuguese people in most cases think that what is being done in Portugal is always bad… but persons like me, André Lage (MVP), Jorge Paulino (MVP) and several hundreds of portuguese people are fighting against them)

Andre has a similar life history to mine… he took his IT degree on “Universidade Portucalense” some years ago (like me) and moved away from his city (from Oporto to Lisbon like me) looking for better challenges.

Andre in the first person after receiving this award:

First: Recognition
Second: never give up.
Third: To assist, in every sense of the word
Four: do not make the title as a goal, but a mission
Fifth: As Microsoft says "Your Potential. Our Passion"

Andre has 30 years old, born in Porto (Portugal) and took his Information Management degree on “Universidade Portucalense” between 1999 and 2004. He’s a System Architect, Technical Leader and Consultant on SharePoint Corporate Portals in Sybase, SBS Portugal, with international focus. Andre has an extensive curriculum where his major steps are the support to several Sharepoint communities, the Codeplex Community contributions, speaker on Sharepoint 2010 webcasts and the contribution to BI Resort community and this MVP award. Check is blog here.
I hope to refer several other friends in future posts!
Regards, Pedro.


André Lage said...

Thanks for all your support, Allways...
I Know your time "Recognition" will come, your vast knowledge on BI and Sharing to all BI Community is groing every day, people are learning will see you as a reference.

André Lage

Pedro said...

I hope so.. :-) but this time is your time! Enjoy it and remember that we are waiting for some contribution relating with Sharepoint (mainly the BI integration)! :-)
Cheers my friend!

Pedro said...

Hi Andre,
3 months later it's my turn! :-)
We are creating a very interesting and strong MVP team Portugal! :-)

Also Jorge Paulino come to join the party!! lol
Cheers my friends!!!


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