Monday, March 22, 2010

BI Conference - TechDays 2010 Portugal

Sorry for not writing for so many weeks, but last month was very hard to me… not only the weekly work as BI Consultant but also the work as invited teacher at Universidade Portucalense on a Business Intelligence pos-graduation. Additionally I was working on the event preparation which brings me to blog today: the TechDays 2010

Microsoft Portugal will organize the TechDays 2010 event next April (20/21/22) at Lisbon (Oeiras). For the first time, in spite of attending the event, I’ll be presenting a session on Data Mining with SQL 2008 R2… that I’m sure that will be a huge challenge for me.

My session description:
“The volume of business data grows exponentially and the technology made the world evolve rapidly. Bad decisions may be the result of the world be evolving more rapidly than the decision maker’s capability to analyze these data.

This session is intended to establish a first contact with multidimensional data structures (OLAP) and to recognize and to derive the exponential importance of knowledge discovery in databases through the data mining models in SQL Server 2008 R2”

Check my session link here

There is still a month for the event and there are more than 1200 participants confirmed. If you are near Portugal you cannot miss this!
Regards, Pedro.


Anonymous said...

Parabéns pelo blog.
Sou Engenheiro de Telecomunicações e tenho bastante interesse em BI e como tal gostava de fazer uma formação nessa área, mas estou indeciso. Na área do Porto existe muito pouca escolha. Se pudesse colocar um post com informações precisas (e.g.: tecnologias abordadas, grau de complexidade do projecto a desenvolver, ajuste com a realidade empresarial) sobre a a Pós-graduação em Business Intelligence da Universidade Portucalense agradecia.

Pedro said...

Obrigado pela sua visita.
Eu sou um pouco suspeito de falar pois sou professor convidado. Na minha opinião é uma pós-graduação que vale a pena, mas de facto só os alunos poderão confirmar ou não... este ano são 22 alunos e poderei colocar algum deles em contacto consigo posteriormente.
Obrigado pela sua visita ao meu blog. Se deixar o seu email eu depois posso dar-lhe mais informações.

Um abraço,

PS: For all the foreign visitors, sorry for this portuguese moment! :-)

Amin said...

Hi Pedro,

I am sure that session regarding data mining and MS-SQL would be the best :)

I also had a course "Decision and risk analysis" previous quarter, that I enjoyed it a lot.
It was about Decision Trees and Influence Diagrams.

I will write about it soon.

Cheers my friend,

Pedro said...

Hi Amin!
Thanks for your visit! how are you? When you start writing again my friend?!

Amin said...

Hi Pedro,

I am fine, thanks.
I will write the answer soon ;)

Best regards,

HQuintela said...

Hello Pedro,

I will be glad in sharing experiences in this field with you.

I made several academic research projects in the Data Mining field, and in 2007 presented together with Manuel Filipe Santos a workshop at Techdays 2007.

The base for data workshop was the following paper:

Pedro said...

Hi Helder,
Your visit is an honour to this blog. I was following you during my master dissertation, and also Paulo Cortez. I hope to share some knowledge with you soon.

The link you paste related to your article requires a login. If you can share it, I'll give my opinion for sure.



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