Saturday, May 1, 2010

BI Books - Free SQL 2008 R2 eBook

Dear friends,
A very interesting free eBook was publish and shared by Microsoft Press. If you are a Database Administrator or a BI Developer, don’t forget to take a look to this book. You have no excuses… the book is FREE. Naturally the part of the book more interesting for me is undoubtedly the Business Intelligence chapters. Check the book structure:

PART I Database Administration
CHAPTER 1 SQL 2008 R2 Editions and Enhancements
CHAPTER 2 Multi-Server Administration
CHAPTER 3 Data-Tier Applications
CHAPTER 4 High Availability and Virtualization Enhancements
CHAPTER 5 Consolidation and Monitoring

PART II Business Intelligence Development
CHAPTER 6 Scalable Data Warehousing
CHAPTER 7 Master Data Services
CHAPTER 8 Complex Event Processing with Stream Insight
CHAPTER 9 Reporting Services Enhancements
CHAPTER 10 Self-Service Analyses with Power Pivot

More details about this book
Download the free SQL 2008 R2 eBook



Daniel Smith - BI Specialist said...

Nice work, Pedro. Thanks for the link to the free ebook!

Pedro said...

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for you visit to the blog!


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