Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BI Graduation – Best student award!

BI Master
One more season, one more success!
This success is merit of the 24 talent student’s with willingness to learn and share their knowledge with everyone. Last week, was held the awards ceremony where congratulations were made to all students for their efforts over the last year especially to Carlos José Monteiro who got the best result. The ceremony was then followed by a final convivial dinner offer by the University.
Pos-Graduacao BI
The 3rd edition took off at the same day with 25 students enrolled, which is proof that this graduation is on the right path and is becoming increasingly a national BI reference on this field. This success is far beyond the interest of students who have gone there, but also due to the magnificent organization exists in this University primarily to Filomena Lopes. For my part, I thank the confidence placed on me and it is with great pride that I accepted the invitation to re-join the team of the 3rd edition

This success has allowed dreaming up with new projects that would make this graduation getting more visibility at national and international levels... One of the main projects for this purpose, is underway and I hope it becomes reality with the students support.

Special thanks to the post-graduation partners, which allowed some approximation between “real” and academic world through several seminars and mentoring the students in their final projects

Mestrado BI


Keval Bhatt said...


Not sure if you were aware, but www.biresort.net is no longer working. I was using your help to load from multiple sheets in an Excel file and wanted to reference your source in my code.



Pedro said...

Thank you Keval for your visit and alert! The site requires activation from microsoft Portugal! They are doing it now! I hope to see the site alive soon!!
Thank you very much!!
If you dont have the files I can send you!!


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