Saturday, June 16, 2012

BI Book - SSIS 2012 book winners

This week I’ve started a new challenge in my life: I moved to BI4ALL ( BI4ALL is a specialized company on Business Intelligence and Corporate Governance and was identified by Microsoft and IBM as a company with more experience in developing Business Intelligence solutions in the Portuguese market. It has for some years a reference for me in BI, not only by the quality of the solutions developed, but also the quality of people who work here (about 60) that I had the privilege of socialize over the last years.

The BI4ALL with more than 10 years has the headquarters in Lisbon and is investing heavily in Porto, where it already has a customer base that represents 10% of the company and a Research Center for Business Intelligence Mobile Solutions (over a year). The purpose of BI4ALL will be to continue the growing on this amazing world of Business Intelligence and give the Portuguese companies a competitive advantage over its competitors
This blog has more than 5 years and I will continue to share my insights, work and news on this amazing field!
We in BI4ALL make the things happen!!

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